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A fabulous host requires a grand location for entertaining.
The historic landmark of San Francisco Scottish Rite has one of the biggest banquet rooms in the Bay Area. Located on 19th Avenue, it's a timeless gem. 

Banquet Hall

This glamorous ballroom is perfect for your next event.  Beautiful memories begin with the right atmosphere.  The grand room features a large open floor plan ready to entertain guests for dining, and dancing.  The ballroom boasts a timeless, nature inspired mural designed by the famous artist Millard Sheets.


Great  Auditorium

This grand stage is available for booking. This is one of largest auditorium stages in San Francisco. This room can seat up to 740 guests. The timeless murals features "The Builders" showing the skilled craftsman of King Solomon's temple of which is the foundation and heart of Masonry.

The Lounge

This attractive and versatile meeting space is also available for booking. The room features a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for a quaint meeting.  The room boasts beautiful wood panels, and a teak wood carving, also designed by Millard Sheets. The inviting tufted leather chairs are perfect for enjoying long conversations and lots of laughs. 

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